Where's Life On A Stick

Tonight is Supposed to be Life On A Stick's Return Airing...But Fox has 4 Episodes of That 70's Show. I mean I like that 70's show but come on 4 episodes??? Whats goin on here? CTV is airing "Canadian Idol" and "Dancing With The Stars". Wednesday night has lost all meaning :(
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Good News!

According to TVTome, (and the Fox site) episodes of Life on a Stick will return in June. The show may be canceled, but it isn't over. If that makes your day any better.
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Charlie Finn went to my high school and I mentioned here that we all got to see a pilot episode and meet the cast at my school... Well my friend did a day of work experience/interning with Charlie's mom and found out that the show has been cancelled and she said that Charlie was upset.

No more Life on a Stick :(

I missed last nights show!!!!

Oh my god, i can't believe i missed last nights show, i think i got confused about what times its suppossed to be on because last week they had it on after american idol, not before. I had to babysit last night as well so i wasn't able to see it and that just sucks, man do i wish i had Tivo. Would anyone out there PLEEEEEEEEASE, if you don't mind, telling me about last nights episode, give me a good recap and the highlights of the show. I can't believe i missed it, that really suks.
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Hey all, just joined this community.

I saw the commercial introducing the show and I was hooked already! (Kind of like with "The OC" and I am completely addicted to that one). I think I've missed an episode somewhere, but I love it. Tonight's episode Rawked! (And it was followed by a VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING American Idol, but we'll save that rant for my personal journal).

I just wanted to say Hi. I'm still learning names and stuff, but I'm sure I'll catch on as the show becomes popular. (I just hope it sticks around longer than "Life as we know it" because I loved that one -- but now a character is guest starring on the OC soooo.... yea... Sorry I take my TV shows kind of seriously lol).

Mad Props to the Mods of this Community....

I love this show!!!

My first time seeing this show was wednesday and i just fell in love with it, this show rawks!!! i love laz and fred they both so freakin hilarious, and the whole molly being a rebel against the german teacher things also rawked, i couldn't stop laughing throughout the show, this is definitely my new favorite show. I want to get a closing shift at the mall now just so i can be like fred and laz, what i also love about this show is its not just about teenagers in high school and how they get along with their parents, but it also has characters, like laz's for instance, that i can relate to. They've graduated from high school but are living at home with their parents and working, not yet attending college, which is pretty much what im doing with my life right now. I hope this show gets to see at least a couple more seasons, im definitely going to watch this show from now on, would anyone out there mind telling me what the exact show times of it are?
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Aww man!
I was gone tonight, so I set my timer and I guess I forgot to rewind the tape.
Soo I went to play it later and I was all excited.. and right when she comes in and he goes 'you walked in like you were 5 feet tall' my tape ended!
So.. Anyone want to fill me in on what happened after that? Please?